Chaplin speaks to a certain style aesthetic rather than a specific demographic

Chaplin Design is proud to be built on ethical values with all our work being made in New Zealand, created from responsibly sourced textiles from trusted local companies.

Paul Chaplin designs women’s clothing with a fine eye for detail, bringing you timeless designs that evolve alongside your personal wardrobe.

The individual pieces are a narrative to a bigger story of modern craft and workmanship.

With a focus on a self-defined style that defies the conforms of traditional femininity.

NZ clothing designer: Paul Chaplin

Award-winning clothing designer Paul Chaplin has been working in the NZ fashion industry for over 45 years.

Beginning his career as a pattern maker, he gained a wealth of experience and success working for some of New Zealand’s leading fashion labels.

Paul’s desire to contribute to the NZ fashion industry grew from his passion for quality-made, timeless clothing. 

He has now taken this opportunity in his life to establish his own brand, Chaplin Design and work collaboratively with his Daughter on the accessory label MadebyV - where a thoughtful design process and devotion to creativity lies at the heart of their work.

Chaplin is for the woman who is not afraid to embrace style on her own terms

You know your identity; you need the style to reflect it.

Celebrate who you are with clothing that speaks your language.

Our designs give you the freedom to accessorize and style each piece to your own personal taste.

It is not about fitting in or standing out but proclaiming your individuality.

Locally made, sustainable fashion

Purchasing locally made garments means our environment suffers less and our economy benefits.

It creates support and employment for the New Zealand fashion community, which is something we are deeply passionate about.

Consider choosing well made garments over fast fashion items manufactured offshore, because buying better quality ensures the garment will last longer. Buying clothing made of natural fibres over synthetics also helps, as natural fibres have less impact on our environment when they do eventually break down.

Remember, it is better to buy something you love rather than something you like.


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